Contemporary or traditional: Bluegrass, Celtic, Old-time, Folk, Blues, Gospel, Singer-songwriter

All acoustic instruments welcome: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, Whistles, Harmonica, Fiddle, Banjo, percussion

All players should and have some basic chord knowledge and be able to follow along basic chord progressions and songs.
Which level best describes you (registration on-line)

Beginning Player: Knows major chords G-C-B-D-A-F and can transition smoothly between them on their instrument, ability to follow along new songs that have a minimum of three chords, can keep basic rhythms.

Intermediate Player: All of the above plus, knows all major and minor chords and can move freely between, some barre chords, some leads, can move up and down the neck with some proficiency, some experience jamming in a group setting. Experience with and can adapt play to different musical styles and rhythms.

Advanced Player: All of the above plus, experience jamming and leading songs, ability to improvise and/or take sustained leads on new songs, advance understanding of chord progressions, moves freely up and down the neck.

Format of the Jam sessions:
Player song circle, one or more circles depending on number of participants, skill levels and/or musical interests. Each participant encouraged to bring 3 or 4 songs of interest, basic sheet music for folks to follow you is a bonus.

Friday night 7-9 PM

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Crossings Music Jam Night!

Event Details

  • May 4
    7:00 pm - 9:00 pm